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Teaching and Learning Portal

We are witnessing the forces of change in higher education which are diverse and significant. Educational experts tell us that these forces range from globalisation and technology to support the completion of student and employer expectations. The impact of any one of these forces is significant and the result is transformative. Higher Education requires transformation in in its teaching and learning practices to make a quality postsecondary education flexible and relevant (Jamie Merisotis, 2015), and accessible.


The Teaching and Learning UNIT has since its inception contributed greatly to the growth of skills of teaching staff through customised capacity building interventions. As we experience changes and new teaching and learning practices, TLU's professional development focus and central role has been to introduce up-to-date methods and techniques to faculty that help keep their facilitation and engagement with students effective and make the desired impact on their learning. Furthermore, as the use of technology became a critical factor in teaching and learning, the instructional technology section trained faculty to incorporate technologies in their courses through engagement using discussion forums, individual and group assignment, communication through internal e-mails, collaboration through wikis, etc. using the institutional Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).


The portal was developed with the aim to implement information and resource sharing with academics and all those that are involved with teaching and learning. All professional development programmes will be advertised through this portal.

Click on the menu items found on the left hand side of this page to access the desired resources.

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