Welcome for this interesting course Corporate Governance (COG921S). 

Let us all make the course enjoyable and stimulating. I am your facilitator. We are going to widen our canvas and learn together. Hope you enjoy the interaction as much as I look forward to it....Best Wishes ... Prof Neeta Baporikar

Corporate Governance provide a complete overview of all major themes and important issues of corporate governance. The course is designed specifically for executives and masters students who want to learn principal concepts, analytical techniques, practical issues of governance its management and corporate responsibility. This course aims to provide students with the necessary competencies to apply an integrative approach to good governance based on principles of worthy social, ethical and environmental practices. This course aims to develop a critical understanding of the nature, behaviours and outcomes associated with the social, economic,   political   and   legal   systems   that   govern   the   modern   corporation, understand the key roles and relationships through which corporate governance is realized. The purpose of this course is to hone your skills as senior executive and effective executives/strategists and excel in workplace. Corporate Governance enables to understand the environment of a firm in its entirety and than configure the whole firm activities to attain a competitive advantage with a distinctive job of ensuring governance mechanism are ethical and sustainable. It is hoped that by the end of this course, students should be able to make a sense of the corporate governance issues of firms, organizations and their environments, which they will have to deal with and must be addressed in the process of a managerial career.